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1469 for Punjabi T-shirts | Delhi-NCR

What you see – A unique name, 1469 (written in Punjabi) is starkly visible at Janpath in Delhi. Attractive T-shirts for men and women and pretty show pieces in brass and porcelain are attention-grabbing.

The store deals in T-shirts with Punjabi slogans, text and related images printed on it. It has been named 1469 as the year marks the birth of Guru Nanak Dev. So it’s a store for those who like flaunting their Punjabi spirit.

What you get – 1469 has a good collection of T-shirts (Rs. 400-700) for boys and girls, in all sizes. A poster near the entrance of the shop guides the visitors about the designs available with them. All the themes on these T-shirts are related to Punjab and many of them are written in Punjabi script. How about a T-shirt with gabru or jugni printed in English on the front or maybe in Punjabi with ‘Main Gabru Des Punjab da’, ‘Vekhi ja pher cheri na’, ‘Tussi Chalo assi Aaaye’? Some of these T-shirts support images of Punjab radio, Rickshaw, Dhol, India Gate as well.

The display rack also has other attractive knick knacks like a miniature rickshaw, miniature brass iron (Rs. 110), brass ashtray shaped in the form of turtle, books, carved wooden combs etc. The cute little dancing porcelain show piece of a Sardarji with dholkis also catches your attention and brings a smile to your lips.

If you are fond of silver jewelry then a limited collection of earrings is also available at the store. The jhumkis (Rs. 950) and other earrings with semi precious stones set in silver, silver pendants and other trinkets are displayed in a glass cabinet. Stoles with phulkari work are also available at this store.

Our verdict - The simple but beautiful décor and the funky T-shirts at the store are amusing and amazing. Besides, the poster at the entrance makes you find your choice easily. You just need to pick the theme you like and ask for the T-shirt in your size and color. The owner and the staff at 1469 are quite friendly too. Parking is an issue at Janpath and therefore it is best to travel by the Metro or park your car at the Palika Parking.

Anytime between - 11 AM - 7.30 PM (Closed on Sundays)

By Priyanka Gupta
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