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Big Cinemas - Anand Vihar

  • Category:Music and Movies, Entertainment
  • Type: movie theatres
  • Phone: 0120-3989404
  • Address: Pacific Mall, Site No. 1,
    Anand Vihar,
    Ghaziabad - 201010.
  • LandMark: At Pacific Mall

Big Cinemas in Delhi and NCR are one of the popular multiplexes in Delhi. There are four halls here that screen Hindi movies, English movies and animated movies. The decor of the multiplex is quite enchanting. You can book your movie ticket online for this hall or opt for tele-booking and home delivery service.

User Reviews
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Average Rating 3.67 
divesh's Review on 23-07-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Big Cinemas,Anand Vihar

awesome picture and sound quality.. the sitting arrangement is also neat and tidy and is very nice... i luk 2 see movies on big cinemas..

rajesh's Review on 30-04-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Big Cinemas,Anand Vihar

superb sound quality..

miscellaneous's Review on 18-12-2009
1.00  1.00 star: Customer rating of Big Cinemas,Anand Vihar

"Big Cinemas", considered to be a huge brand name within multiplexes, is fooling people around by faking the shows. This incident took place at TGIP mall, Sector - 38A, Noida during the 1930 hrs show of Avatar (3D). The customers were charged Rs. 200.00 for each ticket (for the people making their bookings via net booking had to pay the convenience charge as well).People bunked their respective offices early, came all the way to the TGIP mall, just to be the first one to grasp the excitement of the Avatar – in 3D, reached the venue with full excitement before the show's start time. People were ushered in Screen 1 (the screen where the show is playing) of the hall at 2000 hrs just 30 mins later than the scheduled time of 1930 hrs. No announcement regarding the delay was made. Everyone was handed a 3D glass and got seated. Now comes the real excitement. People assembled there to watch a 3D movie, but in actual, the movie started in 2D. After approximately 15 mins from the start of movie, the show got a pause and then resumed after a few minutes (the reason stated for this was a technical fault). Thereafter the show once again resumed with a 2D version. After approximately 20 mins, the show once again got interrupted. This time after approximately 10 mins of hassle, when the disappointed customers started moving out of the screen area, there was a message displayed on the screen stating something like “the show will resume shortly, as there is some technical fault encountered. Please be patient. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.” . Later when majority of the spectators of so called 3D version of Avatar moved out of the screen seeking help, they were told to be patient as the manager has been called. After this chaotic and hassle full scene of 15-20 mins, a person arrived, stating that Rs. 200.00 for each ticket would be refunded. When people demanded for the an explanation on the time and money wastage done to be at the venue and get the tickets booked etc. done because of Big Cinemas, the authorities said the only thing that can be done is the refund of Rs. 200.00 per ticket, and got the police and security staff placed at the box office counters. The point here is that for these big brands there is no value of people's time and investment. The only thing they provide is the refund of ticket amount (Rs. 200.00). Nothing for the time and money wasted because of it (like the parking amount, traveling expenses, additional booking amount charged from the people making bookings online). Not to forget that people never got to watch the show they desperately wanted.