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Furniture shops in Kirti Nagar, Delhi | Delhi-NCR

If you are decorating your home or office or are renovating then a visit to Kirti Nagar in west Delhi is a must.  The Kirti Nagar market is known to provide with the widest range of furniture and furnishings that can be a part of your home décor. Whether you are searching for sofa cum beds, furniture for your kid’s room, imported furniture, customized furniture showpieces or anything else, the various stores and showrooms at Kirti Nagar can offer all. You can get both office furniture and home furniture here. Kirti Nagar is a huge market and naming a few shops for furniture will not do justice to the market. However MetroMela has tried to shortlist a few elegant stores that could cater to your requirements.

Stylish and readymade wooden furniture 

WoodArt India Pvt. Ltd is a well known store that boasts of 40,000 square feet of display area. They have a collection of different types of furniture sets for your living room, dining room and your bedroom. You can easily get Rajasthani style sofa sets (Rs. 30,000, for a complete set with single seater and double seater sofas, center table and show pieces), antique style furniture with elegant carving or opt for the straight line furniture that are popular these days for their modern look. Consoles, coffee tables, fireplaces and other furniture and décor pieces are also available here.

Style Spa also has a showroom at Kirti Nagar and provides you with furniture for your home. You can get beds, side tables, coffee tables, dressing tables, sofa sets, consoles and other types of furniture here. Office furniture can also be bought from the showroom.

If you are redesigning your bedroom then you can pay a visit to Indesign which is another popular store at Kirti Nagar. The furniture here is decorated in such a way that it gives you a feel of how your room would look with it. They have been displayed well with matching lighting, showpieces and curtains which can be a part of your bedroom.

Kids’ Furniture
For redesigning your kids’ room, Kirti Nagar has options in the form of Kala Mandir, Relax Sofa cum Bed and more. They can help you design your kids’ room according to a set theme. Relax Sofa cum bed is popular for different types of Sofa-cum-beds (upwards of Rs. 10,000) and bunk beds that can help save space in your room.
Imported and Designer Furniture
If you are keen on using imported furniture or designer furniture for your home then you can check out stores like Durian Imported furniture. They are among the well known dealers in furniture and are known for the quality of imported furniture available with them.

Customized Furniture
Some of the stores here allow you to get customized furniture that is made on order to suit your requirement. For instance, if you liked a particular bed but wish to get it converted into a space saving furniture or use it as a sofa-cum-bed, then stores like Good Home can come to your aid.

Apart from wooden, antique, garden and leather furniture, Kirti Nagar is also known to provide a wide range of home décor items. You can get paintings, planters, artifacts, vases, curtain acessories, fabrics, carpets, kids' room furnishings, jharokhas, cushions, centre tables, book shelves, bar units, wine racks, wardrobes, mattress and more. Many of the stores here can recommend good interior designers also who can help you design your home and help define your own space. Avoid going to Kirti Nagar on Monday as the market is closed on the day.

By Priyanka Gupta
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Tanuj's Review on 28-05-2010

U should include more stores such as "GLAMOUR FURNITURE".The variety and stuff over there is quite good and different from the market.

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