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Sunday Book Market at Daryaganj | Delhi-NCR

Not all avid readers and booklovers can afford to buy first hand paperbacks. In such cases book markets like the one at Daryaganj. The Sunday market here is a popular place for book lovers as it offers a variety of books on all possible subjects.  And what makes it all the more popular is the fact that these are available at dirt cheap rates.

About the market
Daryaganj book market opens early at 7 or 8 in the morning and continues till the evening. There are more than 150 book sellers here who sell their books on the pavement.  They have their fixed spot and they can be seen here every Sunday outside the closed shutter of the shops. You can not only buy second hand books here but can also sell them to the vendors or get them exchanged for other books. Some of the book sellers sell specialized books while many others can be found selling all types of books.

Types of books available
Whether you are searching for computer related books, old magazines, fiction or non fiction, comics, academic books, cookery books, regional language books (Hindi, English or Urdu), or novels by Danielle Steel or classics by Shakespeare, you can get them here easily. There are vendors selling children's books as well. Some of the book vendors here have their book store at Daryaganj itself. For instance, Farid Anwar who sells books and magazines on fashion design, textile designing, interior and architecture and other general books has his own book shop here which is open during the week. He brings in a fraction of the collection to the book market at Daryaganj. He informed us that not all the books here are second hand. Some of them are pirated copies (hidden and stashed away), while others hail from publishing houses and distributors.

Price range
The books here are available for as low as Rs. 10 and may go up to Rs. 200. However, some of the special and rare books may be expensive and go up to Rs. 2,000. At times if you are searching for some specific book then a lot of patience and search may be required. But dig in a little and you may come up with up some rare finds here that are priceless.

MetroMela's Tips

  • If you are traveling by car then it is best to park it near the paid parking space opposite Delite cinema hall instead of the roadside.
  • The market starts from the Delite cinema hall and continues till the Daryaganj foot bridge. However, it is best to search from around Delite cinema as that area has a better book collection.
  • It is a crowded place so you need to take care of your belongings.
  • Bargaining is the keyword here and can help save you more.
  • Best time to visit the market is during the morning as it’s a little less crowded and is pleasant as well.

    By Priyanka Gupta


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