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Shopping for children’s toys in Delhi is quite difficult with so many choices available. MetroMela has put together a shopping guide on toy stores in Delhi that can help you pick the perfect toy for your child.

teddyToys for new born angels
Young babies are fascinated by colorful soft toys or those that make sounds. Rattles, crib toys, bells etc. are some of the things that you can buy for them. Visit Bibs-N-Cribs in Delhi which sells a number of items for the newly born. From bassinets, nappies, baby linen, diapers to baby toys, the store has them all. Baby furniture, prams and cribs are also available at the store.

bottleMothercare outlets in Delhi are popular for their range of maternity wear and kids' wear. Apart from clothes, the store has prams, cradles, strollers, rocker, baby gym, play mat, cot toy, rattles, feeding accessories etc.

toy carToys for toddlers and little kids
As kids grow older, they learn new things and are able to identify different objects and colors. This is the perfect time to introduce educational toys like building blocks to them. You can visit Maya Toys which has many branches in Delhi and NCR and deals in a good collection of toys for toddlers. The collection here includes dolls, battery operated cars apart from blocks and educational games from Funskool, Disney etc. The store is well-segregated based on age group so you won't find it tough to spot the right toy. Sports goods are also available.

playstationToy Fort in North Delhi is another popular store that boasts of a good toys collection for kids of all age groups. The store has cribs and nappies for the newborns, dolls and cars for the toddlers and educational board games and activity books for school children. For older kids, Play Station and Xbox are available too. tricycleThe toy store in Delhi also specializes in kid’s birthday party arrangements and helps you plan your kid’s birthday bash. It has the perfect props for different theme parties and has a good collection of return gifts as well.

Toy Kingdom in Aurobindo Palace is another popular toy store that specializes in kid’s birthday party and return gifts. The store also has a good range of products that may be apt for outdoor sports. You can buy tricycles, bicycles, skateboards, toy bike, basketball, playground equipment etc. as fun filled outdoor toys.

Landmark at DLF Mall in Gurgaon has a variety of games and toys for children of all age groups. Apart kids tablefrom their collection of imported toys, they are known for their range of activity books, story books, stationery items etc. Brands like Funskool and Mattel are available here.

Now that you are aware of popular toys shops in Delhi, here are some tips you could keep in mind while shopping.

MetroMela's Tips

1.    Before buying the product, check the age group for which it is meant. It would be mentioned on the packing.
2.    If you are buying molded plastic toys, ensure that they are non-toxic so that they don’t hurt your child.
3.    Buy toys from branded companies as they are of good quality and safe for your children.
4.    Remove the thermocol packing or the plastic packing from the toy before you allow your child to play with it.
5.    Opt for toys with a smooth finish and ensure they do not have sharp edges.

By Priyanka Gupta


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rajesh's Review on 28-05-2010

nice one..

rajesh's Review on 29-04-2010

here is the solution to all gifts n toys problems which are faced by parents for their childrens of different age groups.. very useful article..

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